Finance Legal Advice

If you want to get a deal done, you can rely on the legal expertise and business acumen of our banking and finance team. We also help you minimise risk and maximise returns.

Our corporate banking and finance team provides a broader range of services than most law firms. We are market leaders in debt issues and have expertise across the Kosovo and region  jurisdictions in specialist legal issues.

In retail banking, we are among the few experts in consumer credit law. We also have in-depth knowledge of lending and borrowing in the not-for profit sector, for example for social housing.  We regularly second solicitors at all levels to work with our clients to ensure we can anticipate new trends and developments in the banking market, and support our clients in responding to them.We also regularly facilitate events where our banking clients can meet others who have shared business interests.  Our services include:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Private equity
  • Corporate debt collection
  • Retail
  • Transactions
  • Real estate
  • Asset and invoice finance
  • Mainstream debt
  • Insolvency