ISO 14001 Environmental

As environmental sensibility gains a great importance today, Companies get more aware of their environmental responsibilities. Realization of environmental responsibilities is the most recent management duty. An effective Environmental Management System enables to minimize environmental charges and waste, to increase work productivity and to decrease cost as well as a positive effect on company image and prestige.

What is ISO 14000 Standard?  ISO 14000 series is an Environmental Management Standard developed by ISO Standard Development Commitee TC207. This series is designed to cover all environmental aspects in organizations and it is a source to manage these effects by determining company’s environmental effect priorities.

Parts of ISO 14001
– General requirements

– Environmental Policy

– Planning

– Application and operation

– Corrective and preventive action

– Management review

ISO 14000 complies with other environmental standards and developed by TC 207 ISO committee. This series is composed of following standards:

– ISO 14004 – Environmental Management System – Basic Systems and Supportive Techniques Manual;

– ISO 14010 – Environmental Audit Manual – General Environmental Audit Principles;

– ISO 14011 – Environmental Audit Manual – Audit Procedures – Environmental Management System Audit;

– ISO 14012 – Environmental Audit Manual – Competency Criterions for Environmentl Audits.


– Increased competitiveness international trade

– High process productivity

– Prevention of non-conformances and risks

– Decrease in total cost by reduction in raw material, energy consumption and waste disposal cost,

– Compliance with law regulations.